What is 6-Pack?

The Triumph TR6 and GT6 Owner's Club, more commonly known as 6-Pack is a national club dedicated to promoting, preserving, and restoring the Triumph TR6 and TR250.  We were founded in 1982 by TR6 enthusiasts who banded together over their favorite British sports car.

The club prints a magazine four times a year and has an annual gathering called TRials.  This year TRials is being held in Lexington, Kentucky and is open to current paying members of the club. 

In addition we have a free technical online forum to answer questions about purchasing and maintaining your Triumph Tr6 or TR250.  www.6-pack.org

Club membership is $35.00 per year.

To join 6-Pack click here.

What is a TRial?

Traditionally, in the UK a trial is a car rally or event to test the durability and reliability of a car.  Here in the USA the 6-Pack club has taken the name TRials for our annual membership gathering.  Each year a local 6-Pack club hosts members to a weekend of drives, tours, technical discussions, a car show, and an awards dinners celebrating our Triumphs.  Come and join us in the fun!

Photos from 2018 TRials